The Broken Yolk Cafe is an institution within the San Diego gluttony community. Occasionally, innocent tourists find it.


The Cafe is in Pacific Beach, lost in the sprawl north of Mission Bay.


Like the mighty pigskin heros of frozen Lambeau Field in Green Bay, only the toughest of men would choose to test themselves on such a brutally pleasant January day.


The menu features over 20 omelets, plus one Test of Manhood.

And Renato IS the man!

Broken Yolk Cafe Special (For the iron man or woman)..................................................16.98
A dozen-egg omelet filled with mushrooms, onion, American cheese and smothered with our own chili and more cheese.
On the other half of a 15-inch pizza pan is a generous pile of homefries and two of our biscuits.

Eat it all and it's only $1.98, and receive a complimentary T-shirt.* No substitutions.
*The $1.98 is for one person only and there is a one-hour time limit.
Winners will go down in history on our Hall of Fame Plaque. GO FOR IT!


Twelve eggs isn't that many, not if it gets you on
the Hall of Fame Plaque!


Is that a brave smile, or is it fear?


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