Just an average day in Denver Colorado



We put on a big workshop in Denver Colorado in late March 2003. Not even 40 people showed up. We think we understand why...


The storm grew stronger throughout the day.

From my hotel room, I saw this car park, around 6:00am. Light snow was blowing around.

By 2:30pm, the snowfall was getting serious, even by Denver standards.

It turned out to be the biggest snowstorm since 1913.


I hadn't seen falling snow in 8 years. When a friend heard that, he said, "Watch out what you wish for!"

I replied, "Who's wishing?"


By midafternoon, nobody seemed very happy to be here.

One woman said ruefully, "I don't know why I even came in to work today. Now I'm going to try and get home."


The city snowplows kept up at first, and lots of private trucks had plows. As the storm dragged on, though, the streets and sidewalks slowly disappeared under dirty slush.


"The Ride" was still running. The mass-transit people suddenly looked very smart.


Other commuters didn't look as smart, although the few bicyclists looked as if they were having fun.


All in all, people did their best, but this storm was just too much.


Pretty weather, ugly news.      


By the end of the day, reports were that the storm was going to worsen overnight. There seemed to be only two good ways to respond.


It's very beautiful, but really, I'm good for another 8 years now, thanks.


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