The weather in Manhattan was cloudy and dreary in late March 2005. But to New Yorkers, the weather was glorious; winter was finally over, and spring had arrived.

Finally—no snow!


Easter morning seemed like a good time to visit Central Park, while most people were a few blocks away, watching the parade.


Next to the park is the Dakota. Lots of us tourists stopped by for a John Lennon memorial moment.


A few blocks east of Central Park is Riverfront Park, a long stretch of walking and cycling trails beside the Hudson.


Probably because of the Easter observances, choirs and musicians were out in force and in uniform.


By afternoon, people filled all the usual places, like Lincoln Center.



The queue was just starting to fill for the night's show.

In a car parked across the street, I noticed that an optimist had brought a "diva bouquet."


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