Ground Zero, New York: November 2002


Since the cleanup of the World Trade Center site ended, we haven't seen as many photos of what's currently happening in that neighborhood.

Luckily for us, Tom visited New York recently.


The area still conjures strong reactions for visitors. People still post tokens to express their emotions as best they can.


Some tokens are still very personal.
That might not change for a long while yet.


The steel crucifix they found, early in the cleanup, has found a permanent home for display.


But people aren't trapped in the past. There's a healthy sense of curiosity about what's going to happen at the site.


Life is resilient and tough, and to the surprise of many people, New York City is a nurturing place.


Who knows, though, if the site will ever become "normal" again? The solemn mood of awe persists. People are reminded that life is a passing gift, and to live with awareness how precious it is.

The reflection of two nearby buildings is like staring at ghosts.


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