The Bridges of Steeltown, USA


If three rivers—the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio—determined where the city of Pittsburgh was founded, today elegant steel bridges define its character.


The spot where the three rivers join mark a physical center for the city, and the bridges display its spirit.

Downtown workers often carry their lunches to enjoy by the fountain in the park.


Pittsburgh is a gallery, featuring bridges of all styles—




and even one designed like a leaf spring.

You can feel
the springiness
when you walk
across it.


Some of the best views of the city and its bridges come from Mount Washington. Viewing platforms hang out in the air at the edge of the bluff.


Before the bridges were built, ferries made the crossings. Some, like The Majestic, still work the rivers as tour boats and casinos.


All these bridges have steel structures. The roadbeds are the original concrete, now renewed with asphault. The bridge piers are poured concerete too, but they're faced with local granite, to endure decades of the rivers' passage.


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