Biscayne Bay was sweltering in early August.

The hotel room had a shady balcony with some patio chairs, but the afternoon was too hot to go out there. Luckily, the coolest place in the city was just a short cab ride away: the capital of cool, South Miami Beach—The Art Deco Center of the Universe.

The neighborhood is the largest Historical District in the US, and it's been completely refurbished.

It's a huge, sparkling display of 1920's and '30's architecture.


It was in the high 90's over there, both Fahrenheit and humidity. But the buildings looked pretty cool.


Everywhere I looked, boutique hotels crouched amongst the shrubbery.

The toney hotels stretched off northwards into the heatwaves.


Some buildings have a clean, austere beauty.
Others are just weird.


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