Remember how cool it was, when you were a kid and you planted some radish seeds? Remember when your seedlings first popped out of the soil? It was magic.

Well, it still is. The magic is still there, except now that you're all grown up, you probably like more stuff than you used to. That's more stuff you can plant!

This year we planted our first batch of vegetable seeds during the weekend before Christmas. We planted a succession crop in mid-January, and another succession on the first weekend of February.

Here's what happened by the middle of February.

Of course, mid-February is the middle of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, regardless of where your garden is located. Most of the perennials look pretty mussed up. This is a snoozy wormwood.

This taragon has gone underground, although there's a few new shoots evident.

This is the second winter for our jalapeno pepper. It survived some bad frosts last winter, then we transplanted it to this bed. It looks like compost right now, but I think it will return with a firey vengence.

The only perennial that's growing like a weed right now is this marjoram. We started it in a clay pot for a few years, then last spring rewarded its persistence by putting it into this bed. In the foreground is a year-old Sweet Bay laurel.

So the perennials are mostly sitting it out so far. The real excitement is the new annuals, sprouting from the seeds we planted in the last 2 months.

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