Before the Tradeshow Opened (1)


Ah, the glitz and glamour of the Great American Tradeshow! Most people have been to a tradeshow, seen the bright lights, eaten the greasy food, gotten the free T-shirt covered with advertising. Tradeshows are slick marketing at its slickest.

But most of the time, the exhibition hall is just a big, dark, empty room. Before a tradeshow opens, people have to come in and assemble the booths, run the electric power cables, install the computer network and telephone lines, bring in the crates and boxes, unpack them and set up all the good stuff.


When we arrived at the Moscone Convention Center on Saturday afternoon, we found our starkly empty booth.


Our freight was scattered around the back side.


We started by double-checking the floorplan. The setup was fairly good, so we began pulling equipment out of the cases. By 3:00pm we had the computer monitors up on the shelves.


Other people had even more stuff to unpack than we did.

Those poor devils...


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